In everything we do, we focus on delivering value.
We thoroughly understand our clients’ business and the complexity of the Capital Markets ecosystem.

Our services and our strategic partnerships aim at providing a holistic approach to customer success.That is our edge to better help our customers achieve, through technology, their business objectives of innovation and cost reduction to remain competitive.
Our offerings
Advisory Services
Our advisors are ready to assist you in any issue related to specific business functions, operations or technology.
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Specific Business Functions
Any types of business case studies, pricing architecture, model validation, data exploitation…
Target operating model, new way of working (Agile and DevOps), process optimisation…
IT architecture review, software selection, transformation programmes strategy, testing automation and CI-CD…
Enterprise Platform Integration
In a heavily regulated market where financial institutions are also under great pressure to reduce their technology cost; integrated enterprise platforms are key. We handle the full system integration of any major enterprise platforms, in Agile mode and in close collaboration with the software vendors.
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Greenfield Implementation
Extension of Scope
DevOps & DataOps
An essential part of delivering better solutions faster to production is moving to DevOps which goes hand in hand with improving databases handling and environment creations, that is DataOps. This is all about continuous integration, continuous testing and continuous delivery.
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Our experts guide our clients through the design and implementation of the different processes.
Our change management approach facilitates the adoption of the required new habits and mindsets.
ORQA used for end-to-end testing automation and DELPHIX for database virtualisation and data masking are part of our toolbox.
Specific business functions solutions
Although, enterprise platforms encompass most aspects of the Capital Markets Business, some specific Functions remain outside of their remit for that we offer complementary Solutions.
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Innovative FinTech Solutions
We have partnered with forward looking niche FinTechs.
Not only do we help our clients choose the best fit for their needs, but we also help them to implement their chosen solutions.
Bespoke Application Development
We build bespoke solutions for our clients when no existing software in the market meets their needs. This service is provided through our nearshore centre.
Talent sourcing
We have built our community of diverse talents over the years. We know each one of them and we endeavour to offer them the best opportunities that match their skills and their career aspirations.
Our long-term relationships with our clients and our understanding for their business allow us to grasp what they need and swiftly provide them with candidates following a rigorous selection process.
Cost reduction, particularly the total cost of ownership, is a must for our clients. In a world where remote working is fostered, our nearshore facilitates the access to talents and services.
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Remote Talents
Whether to expand the capacity of a client’s team or to provide access to excellent remote experts that are hard to find locally.
Project Delivery
To deliver a part of a transformation project or an upgrade on an enterprise platform or even to build a bespoke application.
Managed Services
To support production for enterprise platforms or any FinTech that we cover or to provide Testing as a Service.
the teamtek way
Service is not what we do, it is who we are
We strive to adapt ourselves quickly and create solutions to better answer the needs of our clients.
Sincerity & Integrity
We spend time on building trustworthy relationships. We believe that sincerity and integrity are indispensable to providing real service.
We endeavour to interact with all of our stakeholders whether clients, partners or talents on the basis of fairness.
We seek excellence by building it over time with small and sustained improvements based on a thorough feedback process. We listen to our stakeholders. 
We serve Capital Markets financial institutions
Clearing houses
(CCP and CSD)
Asset managers

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With offices in London, Paris and Dubai, TeamTek operates internationally. Please contact us for more information.

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